Business process management is becoming more and more important to companies and organization that want to establish clear competitive advantage in terms of their effectivness. Paradigm of synergy promoted by todays businesses needs to be supported with clear and understandable rules that streamline and direct business process. Management of workflow turns to be the key problem in full utilization of full advantages of business process streamlining. Workflow represents flow of documents and tasks though predefined procedures within the company. Features and functions OWIS system provides are identification of tasks, ther streamlining, communication and grouping of information and documents arround tasks. Web based interface provides cases/actions grouped information through which one can see tasks that need his action to continue, as well as previous tasks a person has given certain action.

Document management

Document management tool provides web interface to digital documents accessible to employee. It is easy to use, explorer like interface that has organized folders to store documents. Documents are uploaded along with additional information and metadata that can be collected in the process.
Module has integrated support for DAV (Document Authoring and Versioning) along with audit mechanisms. Documents are separated into public, departmental and private documents, whilst rights to a certain document can be assigned individually.

Groupware component

- Calendaring system
- Discussion board
- Search module
- Reports module

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