1. What is ORKA and what is OWIS?
ORKA is a company that produced OWIS, a super bundled solution that helps organizations manage their contents, workflow, documents, collaboration, communication and more.

2. Where is OWIS available?

OWIS is available worldwide. We provide specialized teams to help you intall / (re)configure / use OWIS and connect to your other critical software to provide you an enjoyable experience. Teams are on disposal for remote assistance, or if needed can visit you at your site. A network of partners is currently being developed to assist our customers worldwide.

3. How do you provide support?

We have a number of options available for our customers, from 24/7 support with remote interventions or physical presence, to phone, email or documentation based support with 2 business days response time. It is up to our customer to decide the level of support needed.

4. If there is an implementing partner in my country, can I still work with ORKA-Global directly?

By working with implementing partners you are working with ORKA-Global. We hand pick our partners, making sure their abilities are to deliver the best of our potentials.

5. Do I need to get consultants for my business processes modeling?

It bring us the ultimate joy to see our customers show initiative and learn to configure OWIS. After only a day or two, many are capable of modeling processes on their own, and asking very little if any help from our team. With their business expertise, profound understanding of idiosyncratic needs and knowledge acquired about the system, they configure OWIS just as they wish. They reduce implementation cost, time to use, and increase customer satisfaction and alignment of BPM with corporate strategy?

6. My company is less than 5. Can I still use OWIS?

Yes. There are no particular limits to use of OWIS. It is reasonable to expect at least two people as users, but it is not necessarily the case. We gladly consider all requests from our clients, regardless of their size, industry and budget restrictions.

7. Which technology you use to build OWIS / do I need to pay for the database to use OWIS?

OWIS is based on latest .NET Microsoft Technologies, and can reliably work with free Microsoft’s database engine SQL Express. However, for data intensive processes more powerful, commercial engines were requested.